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Eagle Uniform & Supply Serves Rapid City

Thursday, March 07, 2013

We are proud to be serving the Rapid City area based on our new route
designation. If you have a business in the area, please contact us about
receiving the reliable and high quality Eagle Uniform service.

Eagle Purchases New Building

Friday, March 01, 2013

Eagle Uniform & Supply is thrilled to announce the purchase of a new building in Casper, WY. The new plant is located on West Yellowstone- east of the airport and directly next to Ghost Town Fuel Stop.

Eagle has been meeting the needs of Casper businesses for over 30 years and is proud to continue expanding their customer base in the area. Keep an eye out for the new building as well as new billboards located throughout Casper!

Eagle Hosts Company Picnic In Lander

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Each year the Eagle family takes time to celebrate each other and the success of the company. The 2011 company picnic was hosted September 25th and included plenty of food, fun, and laughter. At Eagle we are very proud of our employees and we know they are the reason we have remained a premier provider of uniform rentals for over 35 years. Check out some pictures of the picnic by going to this link:

New Image for Eagle Trucks

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Next time you see an Eagle truck pulling into your lot or stopped at an intersection, don't be surprised if it looks a little different. The Eagle trucks have all received a facelift that incorporates additional logo elements and the Eagle motto “Affordable, Reliable, Here for You”.

With customers throughout Wyoming, these trucks spend a lot of time on the road. Keeping their paint and design up-to-date is a point of pride for the drivers and Eagle company alike. In fact, the clean and contemporary truck image is a perfect representation of the uniforms, floor mats, and facility supplies that are transported in the trucks.

We take pride in all aspects of our work, and we hope you share our sense satisfaction when a recently painted Eagle truck arrives at your business site.

Eagle to Open New Branch Cheyenne

Monday, June 13, 2011

Eagle Uniform & Supply Co. announces the opening of its fourth regional branch location in Cheyenne, Wyoming. This branch will serve the uniform and supply needs of Southeastern Wyoming and Northern Colorado. The store front is located at 521 Progress Circle #7 and will be in full operation by July 1, 2011.
Cheyenne is a prime location for Eagle given the recent business development in the region. Employees at Eagle are looking forward to reaching a growing market and expanding their service area. Eagle provides uniform rentals, facility supplies, and sanitary products to customers ranging from local restaurants to large-scale industrial sites.
Eagle also offers a large variety of flame-resistant uniform options that meet the latest OSHA standards. Coupled with outstanding service, maintenance, and repair, Eagle outperforms the competition hands down.
If you are interested in learning more about the Cheyenne branch of Eagle Uniform & Supply Co., please call 800-788-9442

Eagle Uniform and Supply Reveals New Look and Feel

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Eagle Uniform and Supply has been doing their own marketing internally since they were founded in 1946. After all these years, they found that marketing is both time consuming and complex. In February of 2010, Eagle Uniform and Supply hired The BARK Firm of Casper WY. The BARK Firm's goal was first, to analyze all of Eagle's past marketing efforts and determine whether they were effective. The BARK Firm accomplished this goal by interviewing several of Eagle's current customers. These interviews gave The BARK Firm and Eagle Uniform and Supply very valuable information, which has allowed them to adjust their marketing strategy. From these interviews, The BARK Firm learned that Eagle Uniform and Supply needed to develop new sales and service materials and stop putting so much effort towards traditional media. The goal of these new sales materials was to reflect the values that their customers found to be important. Also, The BARK Firm had a goal to develop a consistent look and feel for all their materials: from the handout a sales person leaves behind, to an ad in the Casper Star Tribune’s Energy Journal, to Eagle’s new website. Everything now looks consistent and professional.

Jess Hinkle, President of Eagle Uniform and Supply, “It has been great having The BARK Firm be a part of our company. It’s like we know we have an internal marketing department”. The BARK Firm will be working with Eagle additionally to develop a retention marketing program and some other unique ways to get potential new customers. Neil Benton, a partner in The BARK Firm, explains, “Eagle Uniform and Supply is one of our core customers; they understand the need of having an educated, well experienced team present in the development of their business strategy."

Eagle Uniform and Supply: New RFID tracking

Monday, May 24, 2010

Eagle Uniform and Supply is happy to announce their new RFID tracking system. Jess Hinkle, CEO of Eagle Uniform says, “This is a new system which has great benefits to our customers and it keeps Eagle Uniform and Supply on the edge of new technologies, which improves customer service.” Eagle’s RFID program has been in the works for the past six months. The RFID technology has five benefits for Eagle’s customers:

1. Accurate delivery: We bring back what we picked up. You turn in 5 shirts and 5 pants and Eagle brings back 5 shirts and 5 pants.

2. Better repair policy: Notes and instructions are taken on a handheld and not on a piece of paper that can be lost.

3. Downloadable soil history for customers on the website: Check what Eagle has and what customer has.

4. Eagle can track inventories better: If there is a shortage issue, Eagle can track the history and get the replacements in.

5. Better way to track garment life: If the ID tape falls off, then the provider has no idea how old the garment is. With RFID chips we can track better.

For more information about Eagle’s RFID service, ask your route driver or contact Eagle Uniform and Supply for more information.

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