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Uniform Catalog
Fire-Resistant Apparel

We have a hundreds of uniforms to choose from, allowing you to customize your business image.

We understand that you’re business keeps you busy, thusly; we’ve eliminated common hassles associated with other programs. Let us handle all aspects of your uniform program, from cleaning to repairs and maintenance. Eagle Uniform & Supply is one less worry in the world of business.

Customers love a business in uniform

Uniforms offer benefits to your business in several ways:

  1. Create an appealing and engaging business image. Appropriate employee uniforms can immediately establish professionalism that attracts and helps maintain customers.

  2. Free advertising. Professional, clean uniforms act as walking billboards and help advertise your business through simple wear.

  3. Improve customer relationships and trust. Uniforms immediately identify company representatives who can be approached for information, improving customer service, and uniforms establish trust and rapport between the employee and the customer.

  4. Stand out amongst other businesses. Uniforms that display corporate logos and colors create better branding and differentiate businesses in similar markets.

  5. Keep your employees safe. Flame resistant (FR) work wear and highly visible uniforms helps prevent injuries and accidents.

  6. Improve team spirit and collaboration. Work uniforms promote a sense of unity and belonging. This, in turn, can improve worker productivity and internal employee relationships.

  7. Boost company pride. Uniforms instill a sense of pride, professionalism and responsibility, which converts employees into brand ambassadors.

  8. Improve security. Company uniforms with specific styles or colors quickly identify who does or does not belong in specific work areas or on job sites.

  9. Save your employees time and money. Provided uniforms save employees money, furthermore they save time by eliminating self laundering.

  10. Improve customer relationships and trust. Work uniforms immediately identify company representatives who can be approached for purchasing information, thereby improving overall customer service.

Flame Resistant Uniforms

Stay on top of the new OSHA safety laws requiring Flame Resistant Uniforms and protect your employees from hazards in the workplace. With a quality Flame Resistant Uniform program from Eagle, you will be compliant, safe and performing your best on the job site.

Eagle uses only the highest quality Flame Resistant products by Bulwark FR. Chose from multiple styles and colors to satisfy your employees and meet the safety laws with a Bulwark FR patch on the uniforms. Bulwark is the world's larges provider of flame resistant uniforms and you won't be disappointed.

Eagle listens to your needs, designs a rental program that fits those needs, and reliably delivers that program week after week. Good Safety equals good business, that’s why smart companies call Eagle for quality Flame Resistant programs that work!

Floor Mats

Your facility says a lot about you as a business. With our line of high quality floor mats, we help you maintain the best possible business image by keeping dust and grime off of your floors.

Eagle features the highest quality floor mats available. Our service ensures that dirty mats are picked up and replaced with clean, fresh mats weekly - or more often - in high traffic areas. And all of our mats are compliant by the American Disabilities Act (ADA), which means your business's floors will be safe from slips, trips, and falls.

We have several sizes and colors to choose from in addition to outdoor (boot scraper) mats and kitchen mats. Want to market inside your facility? Eagle can put any image including a message or company logo on any mat for your entry, or any station in your facility.

Is safety a priority at your company? Step up your safety program with our specially designed safety message mats, carefully placed throughout your facility to remind employees to think, work and act in a manner that promotes safety.

Contact Eagle today and learn how our mat program can elevate your business image.

Facility Supplies

Nothing tarnishes your business image quicker than a dirty facility. During all seasons, foot traffic from your employees and customers coats your floor with dirt, dust, moisture, and grime. Eagle's floor mats are an affordable way to keep your floors clean and enhance your professional image. In addition, they help to keep your customers and employees safe by aiding in the prevention of slips and falls.

Eagle offers full service floor mat rentals at reasonable prices. This means that you receive the benefits of Eagle’s floor mats in your facility without any hassle or maintenance on your part. Eagle does the dirty work for you by replacing your floor mats with fresh, clean mats each week.

If you want to take your business image to the next level, Eagle offers a custom mat program. Want your logo on a mat? No problem. We can custom-tailor a great looking, industrial strength floor mat to your specifications. The custom mat program is a cost-effective way to boost your brand and keep your floors new.

In addition to carpeted floor mats, Eagle also offers flow-through kitchen mats, outdoor scraper mats, changeable wet mops, dust mops, and even cleaning towels.

Businesses all over Wyoming choose Eagle as their facility provider. Give Eagle a call and see why for yourself!


Nothing makes a better impression to your customers and staff than a clean, orderly, well-stocked restroom. Rushing to the store to purchase hand towels and toilet paper can be time consuming and inconvenient. Instead, ditch the hassle and let Eagle deliver and maintain the inventory of sanitary products for your business.

Eagle delivers sanitary products as an additional benefit of our uniform and facility rental service. We can set up regular sanitary product deliveries, or you can order whenever you wish. Your sanitary products will arrive along with the rest of your weekly delivery.

Eagle offers a very affordable range of sanitary products, such as paper towels, cloth-roll towels, toilet paper, odor-control products, and much more. Your customers and staff will appreciate your decision.

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