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Nothing tarnishes your business image quicker than a dirty facility. During all seasons, foot traffic from your employees and customers coats your floor with dirt, dust, moisture, and grime. Eagle’s floor mats are an affordable way to keep your floors clean and enhance your professional image. In addition, they help to keep your customers and employees safe by aiding in the prevention of slips and falls.

Eagle offers full-service floor mat rentals at reasonable prices. This means that you receive the benefits of Eagle’s floor mats in your facility without any hassle or maintenance on your part. Eagle does the dirty work for you by replacing your floor mats with fresh, clean mats each week.

If you want to take your business image to the next level, Eagle offers a custom mat program. Want your logo on a mat? No problem. We can custom-tailor a great looking, industrial-strength floor mat to your specifications. The custom mat program is a cost-effective way to boost your brand and keep your floors new.

In addition to carpeted floor mats, Eagle also offers flow-through kitchen mats, outdoor scraper mats, changeable wet mops, dust mops, and even cleaning towels.

Businesses all over Wyoming choose Eagle as their facility provider. Give Eagle a call and see why for yourself!

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